The founder and driving force of this wiki, Bram Boerboom, appears to have abandoned this project almost five years back, and since then the project has been largely neglected, with few edits and very few models since 2011 having been documented. Recently I and another editor, KainTGC, have started an effort to essentially reboot the wiki and bring it up to date.

I have undertaken an effort to expand the categorization of guitar models (e.g. by pickup configuration) and to perform some site cleanup (dead links, adding categories, etc.). Meanwhile, KainTGC has begun the process of adding all of the guitars which have been introduced in the past five years. That effort has been described in this forum post.

This is a fairly large undertaking and as such, we'd love to recruit other editors and users of this wiki to pitch in. Even if you've never edited a page before, we'd welcome your participation and would be happy to get you up to speed on the simple process.

If anyone is in touch with Bram, we'd love to have his support (or at least blessing) on this undertaking as this wiki is really his baby. But as it stands it's a resource that could be so much more and we'd like to see it become even more complete and user friendly. It's already near the top of most search results for Ibanez guitar models, but we'd like to make it the DEFINITIVE source for information on the web about Ibanez solid body guitars.

If you are interested in participating, feel free to reach out to myself (you'll find a link to my user page in the signature below) or KainTGC. Either of us would be happy to discuss what you'd like to see the wiki become and how you can help. \m/ Deejayk (talk) 16:23, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

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