The 2016 Summer NAMM show is underway in Nashville. So far I haven't heard much about new Ibanez solid body models. The "big" announcement I've seen from Ibanez so far concerns the Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged acoustic line although Ibanez was touting those on social media several weeks ago.

The only new solid body model that I haven't already seen is the SIX6FDFM which is an S series Iron Label with a reversed headstock. I'll try to get an article put together on that model shortly.

I'll update this post if I see any more announcements. Anyone hearing or seeing anything else new and exciting?

Update: I found the summer new product catalog and created a new page for it. Turns out there are quite a number of new products and new finishes that Ibanez is rolling out.

Update 2: I've finished adding the new Summer 2016 models to the wiki. Please take a look and feel free to correct any errors I might have made.

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