In the past I've featured mostly guitars that are unusual or rare, but today, I've decided to post one that just looks like a bargain to me.

2001 Destroyer

Today's find is a 2001 Destroyer that is listed on Reverb for US $129 + $35 shipping (to lower-48 US only) or best offer. It's been well-used, but appears to still have some life left (of course the devil is in the details). The seller lists it as a 2000 model, but the serial number (W411246) indicates that it was made in April of 2001 for Ibanez by World Musical Instrument Co. of Incheon, South Korea. Based on what I can gather this is a DTX120.

Hopefully someone will scoop it up quick because if it languishes I might be tempted to get my credit card out, which would make my wife none too happy. ;)

Disclaimer: As before I have absolutely no connection with this seller or financial interest in this sale. Caveat emptor.

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