Today's eBay find is something a bit less exotic or unusual than the guitars I've featured in my previous posts, but it's one that I hadn't seen before and I figured it might also be interesting to others.

RG770 CP-P
For a change, this one is actually included among the models documented on this site (yay, Ibanez Wiki!). It's an RG770 with serial number F103761, which would indicate it was made in the FujiGen factory in Japan in February 1991. The thing that caught my eye with this guitar is its "Crystal Pearl Paisley" finish. According to the information on the wiki, this finish was limited to the Japanese market and that is where this example is located. Based on the images provided, it seems to me that this finish has weathered quite beautifully — compared to the stock image of the new model it's much darker and the pattern is more pronounced. Whether that's due to the finish changing with age or simply the different conditions in which the photographs were taken, I have no idea.

As a 25 year old guitar, this example is not without it's flaws including some cracks on the body near the neck joint and on the neck itself and several dings and chips in the finish. It's certainly not the pageant queen yesterday's Paul Stanley model was, but overall it doesn't appear to have really been abused, and the seller seems to have documented the issues quite fairly.

If you want to own this pretty little specimen, here's the eBay link. The auction ends next Tuesday and the price (with no reserve) sits currently at less than US$350 (plus $120 for shipping).

Disclaimer: As before I have absolutely no connection with this seller or financial interest in this sale. Caveat emptor.

Update: This one sold for US$450 (plus $120 shipping), which seems like a fair price. This one may turn into "the one that got away" for me (even though I didn't place a bid).

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