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Enough for now about the "Wiki Reboot" and updates about this site...let's talk Ibanez guitars! I got sucked into an eBay browsing spiral last evening and uncovered some pretty sweet Ibanez guitars for sale ranging from one previously owned by an Ibanez signature artist to well-used vintage axes. I intend to share them with you over the course of a couple of posts.

1983 RR150 BY

I'll start with the guitar I probably know the least about. Here's the link to the eBay auction which ends this Saturday, May 28. This appears to be a "Flying V"-style X series model likely from 1983; the serial number indicates it was made in December 1982 in Japan. This wiki doesn't have any information on this model (yet), but a glance at the 1983 catalog shows me that this appears to be a Rocket Roll series RR150 with a "Hard Rocker Pro" tremolo bridge and single Ibanez V2 humbucker. As far as condition the seller goes to decent lengths to explain that this guitar has been rode hard and put away wet more than once and it's recently had some less than professional level work done (new frets and replacement DiMarzio pickup). Still, it could be a fun piece to beat around some more.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the seller of this item in any way. Caveat emptor.

UPDATE: this guitar sold for US$199.80 (including shipping).

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