First of all: this wiki has a new name. We dropped the middle name and changed it to Ibanez Wiki. I could have gone with Ibanezpedia or Shredipedia or Jemipedia or something like that, but in the end it is what it is: an Ibanez wiki.Ibanez Guitar Wiki, like it used to be called, was a little bit limiting: the ambition is to cover all things Ibanez, not just the guitars. We need a little bit more than only a new name for that, but we'll come to that eventually. I am aware that there's another "Ibanez Wiki" on the web, but since we're miles apart in approach, we'll be fine I guess.

The name obviously is not the only change. After the introduction of Wikia's new look, the wiki was in need of a makeover and a makeover it got. It's not finished yet, but I must say it looks better than ever.

I also started putting some serious work into the content portals. The JEM portal and RGA portal actually evolved from a simple category list into a simple but effective gallery (IMHO) and more are to come. I still can use a lot of input, so be sure to visit Forum:Ibanez_Guitar_Wiki_Portal or use the comment box. With some luck, I can'officially' open it before the 2011 NAMM Show (January 13-16, 2011) and make it fully operable before all the new models come in…

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