Ibanez has stopped ignoring the lefties and introduces the JEM7VL, the left-handed version of the classic white JEM7V. It is the first left-handed JEM since the JEM555L and also the first top class JEM lefty. It was revealed at this year's Summer NAMM.

It is the second major expansion of the JEM line-up after the introduction of the hard-tailed JEM7EAFX earlier this year.


Another model that gets the 'flip over' treatment is the Joe Satriani model with the JS1200, the truly first left-handed JS.

Other models

Other models introduced at Summer NAMM 2009 include the already revealed Paul Gilbert Model reissue PGM300RE, a Prestige RG with EMGs and several new finishes for already existing models (ART320, RG321MH, RG350M, RGA32, RGA42FM and GRGM21M). The more affordable Xiphos model XP300FX was also introduced for the US market.

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