Those following us on Facebook (or monitoring the latest wiki activity) might have spotted it already, but here it is now for everyone to enjoy: the new main page. Clean, free of lots of content and finally with a picture of a guitar as a prominent feature and eye catcher.

The new main page is the next step in visually updating the wiki, but also the first step in completely revising, and hopefully improving, the visitor experience and making it easier and more enjoyable to find Ibanez info.

The current prominently featured picture of the PGM100 isn't planned to be permanent: visitors are free to suggest their guitar to become a poster boy or girl. More info is available on the IGW Forum.

Anyone who's looking for all the old features and links, they are currently parked at Ibanez Guitar Wiki/Communication, Ibanez Guitar Wiki:Main Categories and Ibanez Guitar Wiki:Community Portal.

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