Today is NAMM day, and that means new models! First of all, there are the new RG Premium series models: the RG920QMZ for the US market, the RG870QMZ for the EU market and the "workhorse" RG870Z. Ibanez also revised the complete non-Prestige RGA series. All RGA models now have the same horn scoops and Ibanez also added two EMG-equipped models to the lineup: The RGA72QME and the tremolo-equipped RGA72TQMZE. More models get the new Edge Zero II tremolo, including the RG350MZ, RG350MPZ and RGD320Z. Ibanez also finally comes with an affordable, tremolo-equipped RG7, the RG7320Z. Last but not least, there's the new APEX100 signature model for Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer and the somewhat new DragonForce guitarist Sam Totman model, the STM2.

Also, check out the 2011 Showcase models, the RG2011SC and DN2011SC.

That's not all of it, expect more updates later today or tomorrow. For all 2011 updates, check Portal:2011.

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