Ultralite Tremolo Arm
Ibanez Ultralite Tremolo Arm (UTA20) Red copyright sprite

The Ultralite Tremolo Arm is a carbon graphite vibrato bar which is equipped on some Ibanez guitars.

The design incorporates a new, thicker Carbon Graphite arm grip for added durability and increased tremolo-arm control. It is stiffer than a standard metal tremolo arm. It is compatible with the Edge, Lo-Pro Edge, Edge Pro, Edge Zero, SynchroniZR and ZR2 Ibanez tremolo bridges.

The Ultralite Tremolo Arm was released in 2013. The Ibanez part number is UTA20.

Joe Satriani introduces the Ibanez ULTRALITE tremolo arm01:44

Joe Satriani introduces the Ibanez ULTRALITE tremolo arm


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