Top-Lok III
Top-Lok III nut installed on the neck of an Ibanez RG550 Red copyright sprite

The Top-Lok III is a type of locking nut designed by Ibanez and installed on some Ibanez guitars.

A locking nut is one component in a double locking tremolo design. The locking nut effectively locks the string at the nut while the string is also locked at the bridge. This design allows the guitar to maintain tune when the tremolo is used.[1]

The drawback of the locking nut is that the nut must be loosened with an allen wrench if the player needs to tune beyond the range of the fine-tuners on the bridge.

Unlike Ibanez' Barless Top-Lok the Top-Lok III design includes a string retainer bar which is installed between the nut and the machineheads. This design uses three allen screws which compress three pressure pad saddles securing the strings against the nut.


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See also

  • Edge tremolo which contains a user manual for the Edge and Top-Lok III

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