• I have an Ibanez RG Series guitar but no idea what model it is...

    Made in Japan with the Lo-Pro trem, black with bolt on neck, dot fret markers, HSH and it's left handed. Serial number is F99373** (which, as I understand, dates it to 1999). But, what model is is?

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    • You're correct that an SN starting with F99 would indicate a guitar made in Japan by FujiGen in 1999 (probably in November). Since it was produced late in 1999, it's likely a 2000 model.

      If we look at Category:2000 models, the most likely suspect is the RG680CL. If the description of that model doesn't match your guitar, then we'll need some more details: What pickups and pickup configuration does it have? What color? Is it solid color or does it have some sort of exotic (flame, quilted, etc.) top?

      Photographs would help immensely as well.

      Thanks,  \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 18:58, March 13, 2017 (UTC)

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