The TZ-30 Tremolo on a SA160 (2000) Red copyright sprite

The TZ-30 (alternately TZ30) is a synchronized tremolo bridge developed and produced by Ibanez. The TZ-30 was introduced in the mid-to-late 1990's replacing the TZ-II and TZ-6. Ibanez also refers to the TZ-30 as the Full Action II tremolo.

The TZ-30 employs a non-locking, double pivot design which is reminiscent of early Fender tremolos. The double-pivot design is slightly more complex than the simple six-point standard tremolo, but much simpler than the locking Floyd Rose-style design of the Edge.

The TZ-30 was used in several different series, including the Ergodyne (EDR260), the S Classic (SCR220 ), the SA (SA160) and the Talman (TC420). The SV series is also a good example of series using it: the tremolo used here helps to differentiate this series from the S series which features more sophisticated, double locking tremolos.

Several non-locking, synchronized tremolos can be seen as the successors of the TZ-30:

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