Standard Tremolo
Standard tremolo (2ST1C16C) Red copyright sprite

The Standard Tremolo, also known as the STD Tremolo or Std. tremolo, is a type of synchronized tremolo bridge designed and produced for Ibanez.

As the generic name implies, this term may be used to describe more than one model. In any case, the "standard tremolo" employs a simple design and is the most basic tremolo used in Ibanez guitars. It is a non-locking, non-floating tremolo which is attached to the body with six screws in slightly oversize holes (which explain why it's called a "six-point" tremolo). This design is simpler than the dual pivot (e.g. TZ-30, SAT30) or Floyd Rose-style (e.g. Edge, Edge Zero) tremolos seen on higher-end Ibanez models.

The standard tremolo is used for a variety of affordable Ibanez models, including the RG170, the TC220, the GSA60 and many others.

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