Sharktooth inlay
Shartooth inlay on the RG350DX Enlarge sprite

Sharktooth (or shark's tooth) inlays are a style of fretboard position markers used on many Ibanez models. These inlays have become a signature look for the brand.

Some insist that sharktooth inlays were originally called "Himalayan markers" by Ibanez designers who created them to evoke the Himalaya mountain range of Asia. Other versions of this myth have Japan's Mount Fuji as the inspiration. The story goes that as a marketing ploy, because Jackson Guitars (in America) had already created the popular sharkfin inlays, and due to the similar appearance of the two designs, they were marketed as looking like a shark's teeth due to the pointy and jagged edges, thus the sharktooth moniker. No evidence has been found to support this thesis.

Other signature inlays used by Ibanez include the Tree of Life (also called Vine inlay) and the Wedge inlay, among others.


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