For a list of S models, see Portal:S series.

The S series or Saber series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Ibanez. The series has been in production since 1987, and among solid body Ibanez series its longevity is matched only by the RG series and JEM series, which were introduced the same year.

The key feature of the S series is the sleek body shape with contoured top and back, usually made of mahogany. Most S series have a bolt-on maple neck, a double locking tremolo and a HH, HSH or HSS pickup configuration.

The 540S was the first Saber model, introduced in 1987. The 540S originally was part of the Ibanez Roadstar Pro series, including the 540R Radius and 540P Power models. Ibanez phased out the use of the Roadstar Pro designation between 1990 and 1992 in favor of separate series for the Ibanez S: Power series and Radius series.

The now common "series name + model number" model name format was introduced in 1992 for the complete S series.

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