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For the model with the same name made from 2000 through 2005, see SA160 (2000–2005).
SA160 BS
SA160 Brown Sunburst (more images) Red copyright sprite

The SA160 is an SA series solid body electric guitar model re-introduced by Ibanez in 2008. The SA160 was originally introduced in 2000 and sold through 2005 after which it was discontinued for two years prior to its reintroduction.

The SA160 retains the basic configuration of the earlier model, with an HSS pickup configuration and a non-locking synchronized tremolo bridge, but the specific components are different. Production was also moved from Korea to China.

Other similar models are the SA160QM with a quilted maple top (2002–2004), the SA160AH with a full ash body (2004–2005) and the SA160FM with a flamed maple top (introducd in 2012). The SA160 is also available in two left-handed versions: the SA160QML with quilted maple top and the SA160FML with flamed maple top.

The SA160 was again discontinued after 2008, but was brought back in 2011 after another two-year hiatus, only to be once again discontinued after that year.

Specifications Edit

Name: SA160
Years: 2008, 2011
Areas: Europe / Japan / USA
Made in: China
Finishes: BK (Black) / BS (Brown Sunburst) (2008) / WH (White) (2011)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Neck joint:
SAT Pro II tremolo
Hardware color:
2008: Chrome
2011: Cosmo black
Neck type:
Neck material:
3-piece maple
White dot
22 / medium
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
2008: AH1 (H)
2011: AH2 (H)
Mid PU:
AHS2 (S)
Neck PU:
AHS1 (S)
1 volume / 1 tone / 5-way lever

Images Edit

Other available finishes
SA160 BK 08
SA160 in Black
SA160 WH
SA160 in White

Sources Edit

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