S770PB with Natural Flat finish Red copyright sprite

The S770PB is an S series solid body electric guitar model made by Ibanez. It was introduced in 2010 as a replacement for the S670PB, with a 24-fret neck and a new inlay style. Prior to the introduction in 2008 of the Prestige S5470, all S models had 22 frets. In 2010, the 24-fret neck was rolled out to the entire S series.

Features of the S770PB include a mahogany body with poplar burl top, Ibanez pickups and a double locking tremolo bridge. Several changes were made in 2014 including swapping out the ZR tremolo for the Edge Zero II and changing the style of the inlays. New pickups were introduced in 2015 along with a new finish.

The S770FM is a similar model with a flamed maple top. A similar model with a mukali flame top, the S770MF, was available briefly in 2015 in Japan. A fixed bridge version is also available, the S771PB.


Specifications for S770PB
Model name: S770PB
Year(s) produced: 2010–2016
Sold in: Area 1 (Japan) (2010–2013) / Area 2 (Australia, Canada, etc.) (2010–2016) / Area 3 (Europe) (2016) / Area 5 (USA) (2010–2016) / Area 6 (Central/South America) (2011)
Made in: Indonesia
Finish(es): NTF (Natural Flat) / CNF (Charcoal Brown Flat) (2015–2016)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Mahogany with bound poplar burl top
Neck joint:
2010–2013: ZR tremolo with ZPS2
2014–2016: Edge Zero II tremolo
Hardware color:
Cosmo black
Neck type:
2010: Wizard II
2011–2016: Wizard III
Neck material:
3-piece maple
Fingerboard material:
Bound rosewood
Fingerboard inlays:
2010–2013: Abalone S24 (S wave)
2014–2016: Off-set white dot
24 / jumbo
Barless Top-Lok
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
2010–2014: INF2
2015–2016: Quantum (H) passive/ ceramic
Middle pickup:
2010–2014: INFS1
2015–2016: Quantum (S) passive/ alnico
Neck pickup:
2010–2014: INF1
2015–2016: Quantum (H) passive/ ceramic
1 volume / 1 tone / 5-way lever
String gauge (factory):


S770PB Charcoal Brown Flat Red copyright sprite


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