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For a list of RX models, see Category:RX models.

The RX series is a line of electric guitars produced by Ibanez. It was introduced in 1994 as a replacement for the Ibanez EX series. The RX models are more affordable variants of the Ibanez RG series, originally produced in Korea and later in Indonesia and China. Unlike the RG, RX models have 22-fret necks and simple, non-locking, synchronized tremolos.

After the introduction of the Ibanez GIO line of affordable products in 1998, all subsequent RX models have been issued as part of that series and known as GRX models (with the "G" for GIO). These models are all considered to be a subset of the RX series.

History Edit

The RX series was introduced in 1994 as an affordable entry-point into the RG series. They were positioned both for affordability and also to appeal to those who want a more "traditional" instrument without the complexity of double-locking tremolos offered in the more expensive RGs. As such, the RX is well suited for country-western and blues.[1]

The RX series also feature 22-fret necks which allow the neck pickup to be positioned further from the bridge, resulting in warmer, fatter tones. This wider pickup positioning also alters the tone of the split pickup positions (lever positions 2 & 4).[1]

At its introduction the line offered dual-humbucker (RX20), HSS (RX160) and HSH (RX170 with rosewood fretboard, RX170 with maple fretboard RX270, RX350, RX650 and RX750) pickup configurations as well as a 12-string model (RX352).[2]

Sources Edit

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