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RGA7 BK 2011
RGA7 Black (2011) (more images) Red copyright sprite

The RGA7 is a seven-string RGA series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2010.

The RGA7 features an arched-top mahogany body bolted to a maple and walnut neck with a 24-fret bound rosewood fingerboard with white dot position markers. Components include dual, covered Ibanez active humbucking pickups with an Active EQ control and a fixed bridge.

For 2011, the body shape was updated with new, deeper scoop cuts on the horns.

The RGA7 and the Prestige RGA427Z were the first seven-string RGA models, both introduced in 2010. A similar model with eight strings is the RGA8. The RGA42 is a similar six-string guitar.

The RGA7 was discontinued after 2013.

Specifications Edit

Specifications for RGA7
Name: RGA7
Years: 2010–2013
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Indonesia
Finishes: BK (Black)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Mahogany w/ white binding
Neck joint:
Gibraltar Standard 7 fixed
Hardware color:
Cosmo black
Neck type:
Wizard II-7
Neck material:
5-piece maple/ walnut
Rosewood w/ binding
White dot
24 / jumbo
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
2010: Ibanez LoZ7-B active
2011–2013: Ibanez CAP-LZ27 active
Neck PU:
2010: Ibanez LoZ7-N active
2011–2013: Ibanez CAP-LZ17 active
Master volume / Active EQ toggle / 3-way lever

Active EQ Edit

Active EQ Toggle

In place of the typical tone knob, the RGA7 has an Active EQ preamp controlled with a toggle. Activating the EQ boosts bass and treble while attenuating middle frequencies.

Images Edit

RGA7 Black (2010) Red copyright sprite

Sources Edit

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