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Code: MX
Period: 1987–1989
Total models: 4
Related: S (Saber) series / Radius series
More about the Maxxas series

The Maxxas series is a line of electric guitar models produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. Though the Maxxas series was short-lived, it introduced many groundbreaking concepts which would prove pivotal for the company's future designs. The first Maxxas model was introduced in 1987.

The idea for the Maxxas originated from design work that had been ongoing within Ibanez's U.S. subsidiary Hoshino USA. The group had been focusing their effort on creating a US-made guitar which had at this point gone through several iterations. The Maxxas was the group's first real attempt to create a guitar design from scratch without trying to emulate an existing style.[1] (more...)

Maxxas models 
MX2 (1987)
MX3 (1988–1989)
1988 MX4 SB
MX4 (1988)
1988 MX5 BK
MX5 (1988)

List of all 4 models in the Maxxas series



  1. Specht, Paul; Wright, Michael; Donahue, Jim (2005). Ibanez : the Untold Story. Bensalem, Penn.: Hoshino (U.S.A.). p. 138. ISBN 0976427702.

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