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Code: JBM
Period: 2014–2017
Total models: 3
Related: RGA
More about the Jake Bowen series

The Jake Bowen series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Ibanez for Jake Bowen, guitarist for the American progressive metal band Periphery.


The JBM line consists of three models (as of 2017). All three models are based on the arched-top super-Strat RGA body. The three models are visually similar with a reversed headstock (they are the first production RGA models with this feature), black finish with black hardware except for the machine heads, which are gold. They all feature DiMarzio Titan pickups, a Floyd Rose-style tremolo and a simple control setup eschewing a tone control. (more...)

Jake Bowen models 
JBM100 (2014–2017)
JBM20 (2016–2017)
JBM27 (2016–2017)

List of all 3 models in the Jake Bowen series

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