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Code: AX
Period: 1985–1986
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The Axstar series is a line of solid body electric guitars and basses produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Axstar series made its debut in 1985.

The Axstar guitars featured two distinct body shapes. The 1985 models had a pointy, sculpted X-shaped design which some refer to as the "shark" due to the resemblance of the shape of the upper part of the body to a shark's dorsal fin. These models had traditional necks with tuning machines on the headstock. For 1986 these models were replaced with a brand-new Steinberger-style headless design with the tuning system integrated with the tailpiece function on the guitar body behind the bridge. (more...)

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Axstar models by year

1986 | 1985
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1986 AX70 BK
AX70 (1986)New-32199 640
1986 AX75 MR
AX75 (1986)New-32199 640

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List of both models in the Axstar series