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Code: AFD
Period: 1988
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The Artfield series (or AFD series) is a line of electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Artfield models were introduced and produced only in 1988.

A total of six Artfield models were produced. Three of these shared a body style that was very similar to the Artist series with a symmetric double-cutaway shape with short pointed horns. The two most expensive Artfield models had a shape that is unlike any other guitar Ibanez produced before or since with an smooth, asymmetric shape with a very thin, extended upper horn. The last Artfield model had a shape that was sort of a mix of the other two shapes. (more...)

Artfield models

Artfield series 
1988 AFD5 CS
AFD5 (1988)
1988 AFD5CT TB
AFD5CT (1988)
1988 AFD5SP WR
AFD5SP (1988)
1988 AFD25 AM
AFD25 (1988)
1988 AFD40 BG
AFD40 (1988)
1988 AFD45 BG
AFD45 (1988)

List of all 6 models in the Artfield series