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Code: AD (ADC, ADD, ADX)
Period: 2007
Related: X series / Destroyer series / Iceman series
More about the Arondite series

The Arondite (AD) series was a line of solid body electric guitars offered by Ibanez in 2007. The line was part of the X series and featured three models each with a unique body shape. The series disappeared after just one year in production.

The Arondite series consisted of three models with different shapes: one based on the Destroyer, one based on the Iceman and one based on a single cutaway guitar. Apart from shape, color and inlays, the guitars are the same. All three models feature the VK1 and VK2 blade pickups which are also unique to the series. (more...)

Arondite models

Arondite models 
ADC120 (2007)
ADD120 (2007)
ADX120 (2007)

List of all 3 models in the Arondite series

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