This list explains various recurring and nonrecurring suffixes Ibanez uses for its guitar model numbers. These suffixes are part of the model number and are used to distinguish similar models, for instance the S470 and the S470B.

These suffixes should not be confused with finish (color) codes which are also sometimes appended to the end of a model name.

7Indicates a seven-string modelJEM7V7
AAsh topRGT220A
A? (used for certain GIO models in Japan)GRX40A, GRX90A
ABAsh burl topS4170AB
AHAsh bodyRG542AH
AXAsh body and EX (see below)RG370AX
BBlack hardwareS470B
BBad HorsieJEM77B
BMahogany burl topRGV3750BD
BBBuckeye burl topRG921WBB
BGBubinga topSAS36BG
BKPUses Bare Knuckle pickupsRG90BKP
BMBurl mahogany bodyS540BM
BWBurled olive walnut topS5470BW
CCocobolo top/back/sidesAS93C
CLClassicAT100CL, PS10CL
CMMahogany body with cinnamon topRG420CM
CMCurly maple topSC420CM
CRChrome finishJS1CR30
CTCurly maple top (?)RG2820CT
CWClaro walnut top RG421CW
DDot inlaysJEM7D
DSeymour Duncan pickupsRG8420ZD, RGV3750BD
DShort for DX (see below)RGR370D
DEXShort for DX EX (see below)GRG220DEX
DM"Diamond" (bejeweled with rhinestones)PS1DM
DXDeluxe (fancier looks with binding, inlays etc.)RG350DX
EEMG pickupsRG8420FE, RG8420ZE
EShort for EXRG2550E
EEbony fretboardRGR621XEBC
EFShort for EX FX (see below)RGT6EF2, RG7EF2
EGEngraved guitar (used for the RG Creations engraved body top guitars)RG420EG
EXExtreme (metal style guitar, for example with EMG pickups, sharktooth inlays, etc.)RGT6EX, S520EX
FFlamed maple topRGA321F, S5470F
FGravure flame maple topRGR480F, RG380F
FAFlamed ash topRG320FA
FBFigured bubinga topS2170FB
FMFlamed maple topRG7321FM
FSFlamed sapele topRG520FS
FWFigured poplar (wood?) topS2170FW
FXFixed bridgeRGT42FX
GDouble Edge Pro equipped, Roland GK compatibleRG1520G
GBGig bag includedGRGM21GB
GFGravure flame topRG570GF
GHHard maple gravure topRG370GH
GKFeatures Roland GK systemRG420GK
GPGraphic print finish (used for the Graphic Print RG subseries)RG370DXGP1, RG370DXGP2, RG370DXGP3, RG370DXGP4
GXGold hardware, deluxeRG1550GX
HMahogany bodyRGT220H
HSemi-hollowJTK30H, RC365H
HHipshot D-tunerAX320H
HAMHoshino Anniversary Model (used for the 90HAM models in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Hoshino company)


HHHH pickup configuration540S-HH
KUsed as 2K = 2 Kilo = 2000 (Millennium model)JEM2K, JS2K
KAustralian blackwood topRG652K
KAKoa topRG470KA
LLeft-handed guitar modelRG1570L
LTDLimited edition (generally produced in small numbers)RG09LTD, PS10LTD
LTDIndicates a higher-end modelS540LTD
LWLimba wood topRG752LWFX, RG852LW
MMaple fingerboardRG1550M
MFMukali flame topRG470DMFZ
MHMahogany bodyRG321MH
NNylon-string guitarSC500N
PPyramid inlaysJEM7P, UV777P
PIndicates a Premium line modelUV70P, JEM77P
PPearloid pickguardTM302PM
PBPoplar burl topS670PB
PGPaper Art Guitar (used for the RG creations Paper Art Finish guitars)RG320PG
QQuilted maple topRGT320Q
QMQuilted maple topSZ520QM, S470DXQM
QSQuilted sapele topRG320QS
RRosewood fingerboardRG550RXX, AT10RP
REReissuePGM100RE, AR300RE
RWRosewood topS970WRW
SStainless steel fretsRG6UCS
SSoapbar pickup equippedJTK2S
SSpecial order or special production runRG652MBQS, RG752MFS
SSpalted maple topRG8620S
SSilver Surfer graphicJS20S
SCShowcase modelS2009SC, SV2009SC
SESwirled ebony topS670SE, S2170SE
SHSH (or HS) pickup configuration540S-SH
SMSpalted maple topRGIX20FESM
SPSpecial edition modelRG27SP, RGT32FMSP
SPSpalted maple topRG8527SP
SPLSpecial edition modelS100SPL
TTremolo bridgeRGA72TQM
thUsed for Anniversary models (10th = 10th anniversary, 20th is 20th anniversary, etc.)JEM10th, JS20th
TNTwin neck540STN
UCIndicates a Prestige Uppercut modelRGD7UC, ARZ6UC, FR6UC
VVine inlayJEM7V, JEM77V, JEM777V
XDouble Edge, Lo Pro Double Edge or Double Edge Pro piezo pickup equippedRG1820X, S2020X
XExtended scale neckRGR621XPB
XHExtra high (?) 27 fret neckXPT700XH
XLExtra long 27" scale length neckRG1077XL
XX20th anniversary modelRG550MXX, RG8570ZXX
XXV25th anniversary modelRG1XXV, S1XXV
WMWenge top on Mahogany bodyRG752WMFX
WNWalnut topS570WN
WWenge necks970WRW, SA1060WZC
WWenge fretboardRGR621XW
WWhite pickups/ pickguardGRX20W
ZEdge Zero tremolo equippedRG2570Z, RGT320Z
ZBZebra-finished ash bodyBL300ZB
ZCZiricote topSA1060WZC

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