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JPM100 P1
JPM100 P1 (JPM100B) (more images) Red copyright sprite

The JPM100 is a solid body electric guitar introduced by Ibanez in 1995. It is a signature model of guitarist John Petrucci. Besides the Hoshino 90th Anniversary JPM model, the JPM90HAM, it is the only John Petrucci series production model.

The name JPM100B was used for the JPM100 P1 in Europe and Asia. It is still unclear were the 'B' stands for. The original Japan only release of the P1 featured multi-coloured pickups, like the one John was playing at the time, and is believed to be the 'JPM100A' and the JPM100B being the following batch, but this is never officially confirmed.

The JPM100 features an American basswood body mated to a custom maple neck with a 24-fret bound rosewood fingerboard with off-set dot inlays. Components include dual DiMarzio humbucking pickups and a low-profile double locking tremolo bridge.

Specifications Edit

Specifications for JPM100
Name: JPM100 / JPM100B
Years: 1995–1999
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finishes: P1 (1995–1997) / P2 (1995–1999) / P3 (1997–1998) / P4 (1998–1999) (Petrucci Custom Graphic)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
American basswood
Neck joint:
Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Rosewood w/ binding
Off-set dot
24 / 6100
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
DiMarzio Steve's Special
Neck PU:
DiMarzio Air Norton
1 volume / 1 tone / 3-way toggle

Finishes Edit

There are seven different colors, called Petrucci Custom Graphic.

  1. JPM100 P1 (1992-1995): Used for Images And Words And Rock Discipline.
  2. JPM100 "Another Day"(1992): Used on "To Live Forever" Live in tokyo 1993 and Music video of "Another Day". Never went to production.
  3. JPM100P2 (1996-2000): Used on many Dream Theater live shows during this period and Liquid Tension Experiment.
  4. JPM100P3 (1997-1998): Used on Falling Into Infinity (studio and tour), guitar clinics and Liquid Tension Experiment.
  5. JPM90 HAM(1998): It was a gift from Ibanez celebrating the 90th anniversary.
  6. JPM100P4 (1998-1999): Used on tour of Falling into Infinity and studio and tour for Scenes from a Memory.
  7. JPM100 Desert Storm: Prototype. Used on Metropolis Pt2 for Home (Drop D Tuning).

Pickups Edit

The standard pickups for the JPM100 are the DiMarzio Air Norton and the DiMarzio Steve's Special. Some catalogs list the pickups as being the DiMarzio Norton Lite and/or the DiMarzio SFP (Steve's Favorite Pickup) but these are believed to be the same pickups. The first JPM, used to record the "Images And Words" album, used the DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell in the neck and the DiMarzio The Tone Zone in the bridge.

Images Edit

Other available finishes
JPM100 P2
JPM100 P3
JPM100 P4
JPM100 Desert-Storm
Desert Storm

Sources Edit

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