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This page is about the JEM77 FP. For other JEM77 models, see JEM77.

The Ibanez JEM77, also known as the JEM77 FP (Floral Pattern), is a JEM series guitar model and signature model of guitarist Steve Vai. Features include DiMarzio pickups, a double locking tremolo, fluorescent green vine fingerboard inlays and a special floral pattern finish.

The JEM77 FP was introduced in 1988, one year after the initial introduction of the JEM series. It was available in the US until 1999 but returned in 2003 as the 15th Anniversary JEM77FP. Outside the US it never was discontinued and remained in production from 1988 through 2004. With its 17 years of production, it was the longest running JEM model until it got surpassed by the JEM7V in 2009.

The JEM77 FP was only the first floral pattern JEM, a second one was introduced in 1988 as the JEM77 BFP and a third one in 2010 as the JEM77 FP2.


Specifications for JEM77 (Floral Pattern)
Model name: JEM77
Year(s) produced: 1988-2004
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): FP (Floral Pattern)
Body material:
Neck joint:
Cutaway Heel
1988-1990: Edge tremolo
1991-2002: Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
2003-2004: Edge Pro tremolo
Hardware color:
Cosmo Black
Neck type:
1988-2001: JEM
2002-2004: JEM Prestige
Neck material:
1-Piece Maple
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
Fluorescent Green Vine
1988-1996: 24 / Jim Dunlop 6100
1997-2004: 24 / Jumbo
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
DiMarzio PAF Pro
Middle pickup:
DiMarzio JEM Single
Neck pickup:
DiMarzio PAF Pro
1 Volume / 1 Tone / 5-Way Lever

Floral Pattern finish

The Floral Pattern finish of the JEM77 is created with actual floral pattern cloth on the body and headstock. The fabric is glued to the body, the edges are painted black and then fully clear coated. The actual pattern cloth was modeled after the curtains from Steve Vai's parent's home.