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For a list of ICX models, see Category:ICX models.

The ICX series was a line of guitars produced by Ibanez in the early to mid-2000s. They were based on the traditional Iceman although with a smaller body with some modifications to the shape.

Just three ICX models were produced: the ICX120 (2001–2004), the ICX220 (2005) and the ICX220DX (2006). The differences between the three were relatively minor: the ICX120 had Axis pickups and featured body binding which the other two models lacked, the ICX220 and ICX220DX had Infinity pickups and the ICX220DX had sharktooth fretboard inlays.

In addition to the three ICX models, the limited edition DMM1 Daron Malakian signature model was also based on the ICX body shape.

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