For a list of FR models, see Portal:FR series.

The FR series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The FR line was introduced in 2008.

The FR has a completely new body shape, although based on the Fender Telecaster and, with that, similar to the Ibanez Ballback/Turbot and the 'Starfield Cabriolet' models.

All FR models feature either an ash or mahogany body, a bolt-on 24 fret Wizard neck and the Calm Crusher pickups specially designed for the series, although the FR6UC Uppercut is equipped with Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups. The Tight-End bridge premiered on the FR but was also used later on hard-tail JEM and RG models. This bridge would be featured on all FR models, except for the FR365, which featured a traditional fixed bridge.

As of 2016, seven FR have been issued: the FR2620 and FR1620 Prestige models both introduced in 2008, the J Custom FR8620 introduced in 2010, the FR320 and FR420 introduced in 2012, which were the first non-Japanese built instruments in the series, the FR6UC Prestige Uppercut in 2014, and the FR365 in 2015.

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