Edge Zero
The Edge Zero on the RG3770Z Enlarge sprite

The Edge Zero is a double locking tremolo system developed and produced by Ibanez, introduced to the market in 2008. It's design is based on the 2003 ZR tremolo.

Do note that the Edge Zero's pivot is based on knife edges while the ZR2 relies on ball-bearings. Both of them were introduced at the same time along with the SynchroniZR. These three tremolos make use of the Zero Point System:

Both the Edge Zero and ZR2 were discontinued at the same in the US because of lawsuits [1] in 2014, and were replaced by the Edge and the Lo-Pro Edge reissues on high-end models.

The Edge Zero II introduced in 2011, despite its name does not aim at replacing the Edge Zero but rather replaces the Edge III on the same line of budget models.

A seven-string version of this bridge is known as the Edge Zero-7.


Trems Edge Zero

Trems Edge Zero


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