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Ibanez Edge Pro
The Edge Pro tremolo bridge Enlarge sprite

An evolutionary redesign of the Lo-Pro Edge, the Edge Pro is one of the lowest profile tremolos to ever be installed in an electric guitar. While sharing naught but the ubiquitous arm and socket with it predecessor, the Edge Pro nevertheless boasts the same quality standards as the other high-end Ibanez systems.

The Edge Pro features a novel set of saddles with integrated string locks, and string holders which do not require removing the ball end of the string at the bridge side. The saddles are topped with a metal "sound chip" designed to improve the sustain usually said to be lacking from guitars with double locking systems. The usual criticism of the Edge Pro is that it lacks the locking bridge studs found in the earlier Gotoh bridges, but that is easily remedied by exchanging the Edge Pro studs for those of the Edge or Lo-Pro.

The Edge Pro was introduced in 2003 and is featured on many Ibanez Prestige instruments. The same year, the Edge Pro II was also introduced on entry-to-mid-level guitars.

The original Edge was re-introduced in 2010, marking the end of the Edge Pro.

A seven-string version, the Edge Pro 7, was also produced.

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