Edge on PGM100RE
Edge tremolo on an PGM100RE Enlarge sprite

The Edge tremolo is a double locking tremolo bridge developed and manufactured by GOTOH for Ibanez. It is sometimes referred to as the "Original Edge." The Edge is acclaimed by many guitarists as the finest trem system available in the market.[1] It was introduced in 1986, discontinued in 2003 and brought back in 2010.[2]

The Edge is based on the original Floyd Rose tremolo design (and licences Floyd Rose patents), although with some improvements. Key changes over the Rose include replaceable knife edges, a less bulky saddle with fewer pointy bits, more overall mass (to increase sustain), locking studs, a spring retainer on the tremolo block and a pop-in arm.[1]

Various derivatives of the Edge have been created since its introduction in 1986. Ibanez released a non-locking version of the Edge in 1987 as the Edge II. A seven-string version for the Universe models was introduced in 1990 as the Edge 7. In 1991, Ibanez introduced the Lo-Pro Edge, a lower profile version with the fine tuners moved to the back and separated from the string locks.[1]

Although the Lo-Pro Edge somewhat replaced the Edge as the main tremolo in 1991, Ibanez continued to use the original Edge on some models, most notably on 1997–2002 RG550 and RG570 models.

Both tremolos were discontinued in 2003 in favor of the new Edge Pro tremolo. The Edge Pro proved to be unpopular with a segment of the market since its design eschewed the Edge's locking studs and thus it didn't provide the same legendary tuning stability. The original Edge and Lo-Pro Edge were reintroduced in 2010 and the Edge Pro was discontinued.

The Edge is used on various high end guitar models including signature models like the JEM7V and JS1200 and the Prestige line.

Edge tremolo manual

Edge & Top-Lok III manual
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual front-cover
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual p2
page 2
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual p3
page 3
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual p4
page 4
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual p5
page 5
Ibanez Edge TopLokIII manual p6
page 6


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