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The EGEN18 is a E-Gen series solid body electric guitar model made by Ibanez. It is a signature model of guitarist Herman Li, known for his work primarily with the British power metal band DragonForce.

The EGEN18 was introduced in 2008 and is the first E-Gen series guitar model. It was originally called the EGEN1 but was renamed the following year. It is based on the S series but features a number of model specific features, including the Kung Fu Grip on the upper horn, the extended sculpting on the lower cutaway, and a full HSH set of DiMarzio Herman Li pickups with additional switching options.

A more affordable version was introduced in 2010 as the EGEN8. A new reddish finish named Dragon's Blood was added for 2016.


Specifications for EGEN18
Name: EGEN18 / EGEN1
Years: 2008–2017
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finishes: TVF (Transparent Violet Flat) 2008–2016 / DRG (Dragon's Blood) 2016–2017
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Mahogany w/ flamed maple top
Neck joint:
Edge Zero w/ ZPS3
Hardware color:
Neck type:
EGEN Prestige
Neck material:
5-piece maple/ walnut
Rosewood (frets 20–24 scalloped)
Abalone oval
24 / jumbo (Prestige edge treatment)
Barless Top-Lok
Machine heads:
Gotoh SG381
Electronics/ Strings
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
DiMarzio HLM custom (H)
Mid PU:
DiMarzio HLM custom (S)
Neck PU:
DiMarzio HLM custom (H)
1 volume (w/ push/pull coil-tap) / 1 tone / 5-way lever
String gauge (factory):

HLM pickups

The DiMarzio HLM pickups were designed to provide Herman's signature sound, with the interesting feature that the middle pickup has been wound with extremely high output. It was designed this way to allow it to be positioned almost flat against the face of the guitar but still retain balanced output relative to the neck and bridge humbuckers, facilitating easier picking without the risk of hitting the pickup.


The EGEN18 was one of the first guitars to feature the new Edge Zero tremolo system, and the second Ibanez S series full production guitar to feature a full 24 frets neck, after the introduction of the S5470 also in 2008.

One particularly interesting feature of the EGEN18 is an optional extra that must be specified by the retailer at the time of ordering. The EGEN18 is the first Ibanez guitar produced since the introduction of the Edge Pro to feature locking studs. Prior to the introduction of this model, locking studs were not available on any Ibanez guitars with tremolo systems other than the original Edge or Lo-Pro Edge.


EGEN18 Dragon's Blood Red copyright sprite


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