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The 540STN is a double neck S series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 1990. It was part of the Roadstar Pro series. It is also referred to as the 540S-TN – the TN suffix stands for Twin Neck.

The 540STN is modeled on the 540S with a sleek, thin-edged double cutaway (triple cutaway?) body. Its lower neck has six stings while the upper neck is a twelve string.

The 540STN features a mahogany body with two one-piece maple necks attached with a traditional bolt-on neck joint with a stamped metal plate. The lower, six-string neck has a reverse headstock. Both necks have 22-fret rosewood fingerboards with dot position markers.

Both necks have Ibanez pickups. The twelve string neck has a dual humbucker configuration, while the six string adds a middle single-coil pickup. The six sting neck has an Edge double locking tremolo bridge with a locking nut while the 12-string has a fixed bridge.

Controls consist of individual volume controls for each neck, a single master tone control, a 5-way pickup selector for the six string neck, a mini 3-way toggle pickup selector for the 12-string neck and a 3-way neck selector toggle.

The 540STN is one of only a few twin-neck Ibanez production models ever made. Since the 540STN was discontinued in 1991, Ibanez has not produced another twin-neck model (as of 2016).


Specifications for 540STN
Model name: 540STN
Year(s) produced: 1990–1991
Sold in: Europe / Japan / USA
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): BK (Black) / CP (Crystal Pearl) / RR (Ruby Red) (1991)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Neck joint:
6 string: Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
  Japan: Edge
12 string: 12 string custom
Hardware color:
Black (White Gold on 1990 CP models)
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
Pearl dot
22 / jumbo
Pickup configuration:
6 string: HSH
12 string: HH
Bridge pickup:
6 string/12 string: IBZ/USA F2
Middle pickup:
6 string: IBZ/USA C3
Neck pickup:
6 string/12 string: IBZ/USA F1
6 string: 1 volume / 5-way lever
12 string: 1 volume / 3-way mini toggle (pickup selector)
Both: Master tone / 3-way toggle neck selector


Other available finishes
1990 540STN CP
Crystal Pearl (1990)
Crystal Pearl (1991)
Ruby Red
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1990 Japan catalog (pages 24–25) 1991 USA catalog (page 15) 1991 Europe catalog (page 24)

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