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2008 (MMVIII) was the anniversary year of Joe Satriani as Ibanez endorser as well as the introduction year of the Edge Zero tremolo. Three new signature series were introduced for Herman Li, Sam Totman and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The S Prestige series production moved back from Korea to Japan.

Artist family

In 2008 the Artist series returned with a regular production Prestige model in the shape of the AR300RE. Of the three more afforable Artist series, the ARC series was discontinued in favor of the other single-cut model, the ART series, which grew from a single model in 2007 to six models in 2008.

Limited edition models

2008 Spring Special Limited Edition models

The Spring Special Limited Edition models are an annual series of the more affordable guitars usually featuring a special finish. They were revealed at the 2008 Musikmesse Frankfurt (March 2008).

Apart from the guitar models, the 2008 Spring Special line consisted of three checkered bass guitar models, two Talman acoustic guitars with graphic finishes and two special practice amplifiers.

The RG08LTD and RGR08LTD might be two of the most well-recieved Spring Special models.

2008 Spring Special Limited Edition
RG08LTD RG08LTD JPB RG model with Sakura Blast theme.
RGR08LTD RGR08LTD BK RGR model with Gear of the Ninja theme and a single Seymour Duncan Blackouts pickup.
GRGM08LTD1 GRGM08LTD1 SSB GRG Mikro model with special Seventies Sunburst finish.
GRGM08LTD2 GRGM08LTD2 EPK GRG Mikro model with special Eighties Pink finish.
GRGM08LTD3 GRGM08LTD3 NSV GRG Mikro model with special Nineties Silver finish.

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