1993 Ibanez "Poster" catalog

Solid body guitars

S series

R (Radius) series

RG series

EX series

RT series

Signature models

Frank Gambale
Reb Beach
Joe Satriani
Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai (JEM/ Universe)

Hollow body guitars

Signature models

George Benson

Artstar series

Electric basses

Soundgear (SR) series

(pages 78)

TR series

(page 8)

CT series

AFR series

(page 11)

Acoustic guitars

AE series

(pages 12–13)

R series

PF series

Full catalog

  • Cover
  • page 2
  • page 3
  • page 4
  • page 5
  • page 6
  • page 7
  • page 8
  • page 9
  • pages 10–11
  • pages 12–13


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